Beautiful Jekyll is a ready-to-use template to make help you create an awesome Jekyll or GitHub Pages website quickly.

To learn how you can use Beautiful Jekyll to create your website in minutes, go to the Beautiful Jekyll GitHub page.

Overview of steps required:

There are only three simple steps, so using Beautiful Jekyll is literally as easy as 1-2-3 :)

Here is a 40-second video showing how to get started, with the specific steps below. For a more complete installation guide, visit the Beautiful Jekyll page.

Installation steps

1. Fork the Beautiful Jekyll repository

Fork the repository by clicking the Fork button on the top right corner in GitHub.

2. Rename the repository to

This will create a GitHub User page ready with the Beautiful Jekyll template that will be available at (sometimes it takes a few minutes).

3. Customize settings

Edit the _config.yml file to change all the settings to reflect your site. The settings in the file are fairly self-explanatory and I added comments inside the file to help you further. Every time you make a change to any file, your website will get rebuilt and should be updated at within a minute.

You can now visit your shiny new website, which will be seeded with several sample blog posts and a couple other pages.

See how easy that is? I wasn’t lying - it really can be done in two minutes.

Header image credit: meisjedevos, Pixabay